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What 5 Real Estate Agents Really Think About Converting Your Closet to an Office

Custom designers will optimize your space and sketch a design based on your needs especially if you barely have the time to be spoke it by yourself. It would be really a fuss if something goes wrong while you put your hands on it, so it’s better to ask for a professional help to save you more time, money, and energy. It is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the best design that you want for a home office. Taking into account that you only have a very limited space, a practical and custom blueprint is highly necessary. Almost every home has a storage space that is often neglected for some reasons. On the flip side, there are also humble abodes that barely have enough space to pop in an entire home office.

How do you decorate a Cloffice?

Personalize your cloffice.

Paint the interior of the closet in a favorite color, or cover the walls with a fun wallpaper treatment. Add framed artwork or photos and decorative accents like vases and collectibles to show off your personality.

Paper boxes help keep things tidy, and magazine files are an affordable option for keeping your desk clutter-free. Stud Finder – This will be used to find the studs to attach the desk supports to. Pocket Hole Jig and Screws – This will be used to attach the floating shelf to the wall. Pull a chair into your new office and pretend to work for a bit before you start your closet to office conversion. convert closet to office You may find that what looks perfect in theory doesn’t work at all in practice. Yes, you’ll have to find someplace else to store your stuff, but stashing your winter coats under a bed or in the basement to free up the closet may be the best trade-off you can make. The next day after clear-coating your desktop, tape the edge of the desk to prevent any paint from getting on it.

Home Offices

Pick a narrow desk with slim drawers directly beneath the top for space-saving, easy-to-access storage. Of course, space may be an issue, and you may have to settle for something smaller or more austere than you would otherwise prefer.

After a basic cloffice setup is done, it’s time to take a look at 21 practical ways you can enhance your workspace and make it personal. If you decide to remove the closet door to fit a chair into the setup, you might be looking for something to differentiate your cloffice from the rest of your space. A good idea would be to use room dividers, which you could easily slide to the side when needed, or curtains. Cloffice inspiration from David Land and Kritsada PanichgulAt the end of a workday, the closet door can be shut to separate the office from the living space.

Closets Turned into Space-Saving Office Nooks

Let’s take a look at how Houzz users are making do with closet-like home office spaces. Lucas Mire has a tiny closet-like space at the end of his kitchen. An armless chair is more likely to scoot right under the desktop and allow the doors to close. You may also choose to make an occasional chair in the room work double https://remotemode.net/ duty and simply pull it over to the closet when you need to get some work done. She started by painting the closet a bright yellow and then added the closet rods and custom shelving in the back corners of the space. But her favorite part is the IKEA photo ledges she used to create a library for her children.

transform closet into office

Adding an accent to the back wall of a closet creates an interesting focal point that can help it not look like a closet. You could use vinyl wallpaper, an accent wall paint with painted stencil, wood shiplap, or even a thin peel-and-stick wood veneer. You could also try painting the back wall with chalkboard paint.

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It’s also the perfect spot to personalize with photos, plants and accessories. And floating shelves aren’t usually something that we get to enjoy in the workplace. We’re increasingly seeing this approach to storage in renovations and custom homes, where an entire wall is captured with floor to ceiling cabinetry. Often there’s a built in desk feature in the middle, making it a very practical use of wall space. More importantly, you get to design an office space that not only meets your needs, but also fits seamlessly with your style, tastes, and values. You’re given permission to ditch the standard-issue office furniture and make the space your own.

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If you have room, push a desk into the closet against the back wall. In a walk-in closet, you can position the desk along a wall or in the center of the room. “If you have the opportunity to create a closet office across from a window, take it!” Patterson says. “Most reach-in closets are about 2 feet deep, so a shallow desk can slide right in,” says professional organizer Kay Patterson. “Some fun wallpaper or cute desk decor will make the space more inviting.” If you believe you are a candidate for a walk-in closet office space, give My Custom Closet a call to schedule your free consultation.

We used four pieces of quarter inch thick 2.25″ x 8′ pine lattice moulding. The amount you need will be dependent on how big your closet is and how close together you want your boards to be. Just because you’re working out of a closet doesn’t mean that your new office space has to look like, well, a utility closet. So spruce up your space with pretty, sentimental items that are meaningful to you, such as framed photos or a nice vase with fresh Gerbera daisies.

  • You could use vinyl wallpaper, an accent wall paint with painted stencil, wood shiplap, or even a thin peel-and-stick wood veneer.
  • Using an icepick, long nail, or something sharp and skinny, mark the center of where the drywall anchor hole should be.
  • Finding extra space in any home can be a challenge, but finding space for a home office seems to be especially confounding.
  • Draw vertical lines to indicate the sides of the cabinets.

For a luxe touch, hang an ornate chandelier or pendant fixture to make a bold statement overhead. A practical cloffice starts with a desk or tabletop surface where you can place your computer and spread out paperwork. Begin by measuring the closet to see if your desk, printer, or filing cabinets will fit. “The foundation of the space begins with a plan,” says professional organizer Ellen Delap.