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We to manage time.

Do not waste time in education

What does SmartEdu do for you?

By integrating the mobile application that we have developed into the education system, we are working to increase the success rate of the students. It also brings along the whole innovation can be required by the application.

SmartEdu is a software service developed to monitor the course attendance of the students and report lesson attendance.

– To increase the success rate by reclaiming the lost time of students.

– To reduce the workload of academics and provide a reliable polling service that students can not fool.

– To be able to give a statistical report to the universities that they can analyze their students in order to improve the quality of education.


The mobile application (beacon) provides polling by matching the information received from the location system and the LMS system.


Students can see the current course schedules from the SmartEdu application and set an alarm to remind them.

Attendance Status

You can see the daily, monthly and term polling of the courses you have taken through the SmartEdu application.


It allows the designated message, picture or video via the web service to be forwarded to the smartphone of the desired student or group of students.


The application can be downloaded to the phone registered to the university system of the student, by SMS verification.


With SmartEdu, students send their suggestions, wishes and complaints to the university administration quickly and safely.