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Network Visibility

Improve your network security
Network Vısıbılıty

Improve Network Monitoring Insights

Better network visibility needs the highest performance hardware running the most intelligent data handling software. See how easy it is to deploy inline and out-of-band network visibility.

Network Vısıbılıty

Inline Security

Inspect live traffic without risk to availability. Ensure continuous security with fast failover. Update security appliances without downtime.

Make sure your security solutions see traffic from every link in your network and get the data they need at high speed. Ensure continuous monitoring and the fastest possible recovery with a high availabilty configuration.

Network Vısıbılıty

Out-Of-Band Monitoring

Visibility powered by a multi-layer security fabric improves enterprise network monitoring performance.

Intelligent network visibility allows IT to strengthen network security, reduce monitoring costs, increase return on investment (ROI), and optimize network performance. Ixia offers the widest range of network taps, virtual network taps, and intelligent network packet brokers (NPBs) that allow you to.

Network Packet Brokers

Data is routed to one or many network packet brokers; the fabric of packet brokers serves to organize and streamline data for specific monitoring, performance and security tools. Known for their easy-to-use web interface, Ixia’s packet brokers do all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing filter rules, making it easy to manage change while freeing up valuable time to focus on other things. Data is then sent to security, performance and analytics tools; these tools can perform at an optimal level because they receive the right data in the right format and at a manageable throughput. In the case of inline deployments, approved data is then sent back into your network. Ixia offers single pane of glass management and configuration options, which allows you to scale in both physical and virtual environments.